Samantha's Navy Floral Viscose Shelby Dress

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Hi there! Samantha here, coming to you from Gateshead with my first post as part of the Escape and Create blogger team. 

For my first post, I’m making the True Bias Shelby dress and had the hard choice of picking a viscose from the huge selection at Escape and Create. I eventually decided on this beautiful navy viscose with florals that have green, white and lovely autumnal orange details. It has the most beautiful drape and textured lines that run through the fabric and is also perfectly opaque. It would be perfect for a layering piece in the colder months or on its own in the summer.

I also used a few extra supplies: 1.5 metres of black interfacing, navy thread and eight dark green vintage buttons from my stash. I also used the True Bias Roscoe blouse pattern as a template for my sleeves.

I took my measurements and went with a 16 on my bust and waist then graded out to a 18 at the hips. I also did a two inch FBA adjustment (so one inch on each boob!) I won’t go into the details of how I did it because I'm not an expert, but I used the By Hand London Bodice Fitting Companion which gives you an in-depth step-by-step guide. 

For the sleeves I did a little pattern hacking: I wanted something with volume but not too much. I love the sleeves on the Roscoe blouse and knew they would be perfect for what I wanted. To get the perfect sleeve, I traced the head of the sleeve, choose the length I wanted and then traced the Roscoe sleeve hem. Once that was done it was a simple case of drawing the lines from the head to the hem and voila! A sleeve! For the cuff I used the Roscoe pattern piece.

The rest of the dress came together like a dream: the fabric was a perfect to work with and pressed well. Some viscose can be a little tricky and grow and change shape but this was really stable. I did hang the dress over night before hemming as I do with all my dresses, and only needed to trim the back by 1cm. 

true bias shelby dress

Some final thoughts on my Shelby dress…I really love this pattern and the fabric suits it perfectly: its drape and swish work so well together. However, I had some fit issues and there is a bit of extra fabric under the bust. I think this is because the waistline is too low because there’s also some extra on the back. Next time I make it I’ll shorten the bodice length by an inch which I hope will fix it!

true bias shelby dress

Thanks for reading and happy sewing!

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Samantha was provided with this fabric in exchange for her blog post and photos. She was allowed to choose what she made with the fabric, and all thoughts and opinions are her own.

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