Soft Furnishings (Roman Blinds) - Thurs 21st July 10am - 4pm

  • £60.00
Tax included.

Roman Blinds are incredibly expensive to have made as they are labour intensive and mostly hand stitched.

So, being able to make your own can result in significant savings as well as adding to your sewing repertoire.

On our 1 day workshop we will show you how to measure up; how to work out the number of folds and how to translate that into fabric sizing (there's a bit of maths to this one!); and you'll make your own version with beautiful mitred corners and amazing attention to detail.

On the day we will just make a sample as even a relatively small blind takes time and we'd rather ensure that you went home with the skills to make a really great one rather than rushing through just to finish. 

This is a great workshop if you are moving house; upgrading your existing, or even for the wannabe professional who is looking to go into the soft furnishings business.

What will be covered?
  • How to measure different windows
  • Designing your blind
  • Suitable fabric choices
  • Pattern placement
  • Squaring off
  • Mitred corners
  • How to calculate the folds
  • Child safety
What's included in the Price?
All the materials will be supplied (including fabric) to enable you to make a sample blind. Notes will also be provided.
What Sewing Skills do you need?
You need basic sewing machine skills including being able to stitch and thread the machine you bring with you.