Classes - What to Bring (Requirements List) - Overlocker Basics

Requirements List - Overlocker Basics

  •  Your overlocker, foot pedal and the instruction book (if your overlocker is new or unused, please leave it threaded up with 4 threads and both needles when you bring it with you. If it's npt threaded up, don't worry, we will help you to thread it)
  •  All the accessories that came with the machine (including tweezers and a small brush)
  •  Spare machine needles that fit your overlocker (check your instruction book for type required. We have them available to purchase in the shop)
  •  At least 4 reels or cones of polyester thread in different colours. (If your machine has colour coded threading then bring the colours that are the same or similar)
  •  Cutting out and a small pair of scissors
  •  A hand sewing needle and a blunt tapestry or knitters needle
  •  A selection of different fabric pieces including those you most usually sew.
  •  Fading marker pen
  •  Pen, pencil and ruler

Requirements List for the Projects

The Easy Shopper

  • 50cms (½yd) of fabric at least 114cms wide. Medium weight cotton, lightweight curtain fabric, plain or printed or a medium weight calico would be ideal
  • 2 strips of calico 50cms (19”)x 4cms (1½”)
  • 4 reels or cones of thread to blend with or match the fabric.

The Easy Gift Bag

  • Something you would like to make a gift bag for e.g. Bottle of wine, toiletries or preserves. An empty bottle, jar or carton will do
  • 2 pieces of fabric approx. 20cms wide with the length the height of the item plus 15cms(6”)
  • 2 pieces of contrast fabric 3cms(1¼”) wide and 40cms (16”) long
  • 4 reels or cones of thread to contrast with or match the fabric.


All Machine Sewing Classes

We do not provide overlockers for classes as we believe that you will learn more from using your own machine. If your machine is too heavy to lift; let us know before the class and we can make exception by prior arrangement.

We can help you to get your overlocker from your car to the workshop space upstairs if you pull up outside the shop on the double yellow lines to drop it off. Then you can go and park in the car park behind the shop (see directions here).


Lunch Breaks

If your class goes over lunchtime you can either:

  • Bring your lunch with you
  • Pre-order your lunch from the lovely cafe opposite the shop (The Commute). They also now offer take out sandwiches which are a lovely treat. 

Our classes generally only break for a maximum 30 minutes so there isn't really time to go out and buy lunch during the day.