Classes - What to Bring (Requirements List) - Zips Class

Requirements List - Zips Class


  • Sewing Machine, Foot pedal and Power Lead (see our info on transporting your machine to class)
  • The Instruction Book
  • Zipper foot and Invisible Zipper Foot
  • Bobbins loaded with the correct thread for your garments (must be the correct bobbins for your machine) plus spare bobbins
  • Universal Sewing Machine needles Sizes 80 & 90
  • Unpicker
  • Pins and wonder clips
  • Scissors: Fabric; Paper and a Small pair 
  • Fading/Iron off/Wash off Pen in a contrast colour to your chosen fabrics
  • Tailors Chalk or Chalk Wheel
  • Pen, pencil and notebook (we will email you a full set of notes that are fully photographed after the course)

    Project Requirements

    We will provide all the materials that you need for this class (included within the price of the course).

      All Machine Sewing Classes

      We do not provide sewing machines for classes as we believe that you will learn more from using your own machine. If your machine is too heavy to lift; let us know before the class and we can make exception by prior arrangement.

      We can help you to get your sewing machine from your car to the workshop space upstairs if you pull up outside the shop on the double yellow lines to drop it off. Then you can go and park in the car park behind.

      Lunch Breaks

      If your class goes over lunchtime you can either:

      • Bring your lunch with you
      • Pre-order your lunch from the lovely cafe opposite the shop (The Commute).

      Our classes generally only break for a maximum 30 minutes so there isn't really time to go out and buy lunch during the day.