Needlecord (100% Cotton) in Plain Turquoise

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A must have corduroy fabric. An ideal classic base fabric. Can be used for clothing, childrens clothing, trousers, jackets, blazers and much more.

Fibre Content: 100% Cotton
Width: 144cm

Washing instructions

A bit about cord:

The number of "wales" is the number of ridges per inch. 

4.5 Wale = jumbo cord
8 Wale = standard corduroy
16 Wale = a betweeny
21 Wale = needlecord

Be careful with cord to make sure you check that the nap is all going in the same direction. If you stroke the fabric and have the smoother feel to the nap going down the colour will look lighter so if you want a true colour (especially for black) then have the smooth feel heading upwards.

Test pressing is really important as you can easily mark cord and remove the ridges with a heavy handed iron. Try layering two pieces of cord right sides together when pressing to protect the fabrics integrity.

We work hard to photograph our fabrics in natural light or use our suppliers images but the colours you may see may still differ slightly to the original fabric.

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