Zips Class (Invisible, Exposed and Lapped)

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We've adapted our hugely popular zips masterclass and are now able to offer a zips class that covers both zips used in dressmaking and for craft.

We cover 3 main types of zip insertion - invisible, exposed and lapped. In addition to dressmaking, these can be used in all sorts of other applications from bag making to cushions to pockets.

The course comes with comprehensive notes (that include photos) and you'll go home with samples to refer back to.

We'll provide all the zips and materials that you need. You just need to bring along your sewing machine, kit and zipper feet. Do make sure that you check that you have an invisible zipper foot for your machine. They generally don't come with a new machine so you may need to buy one separately (we currently sell them for Brother and Janome machines).

Dates: Saturday 7th September

Time: 9.30am - 1.30pm

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