Next Steps Sewing (3 week course)

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Wanting to take your sewing to the next level?

Why not join us for a 3 week course where we explore in depth each element of your sewing machine?

We'll look at all the different feet you have available and how to use them; master buttonholes, twin needling and create piping/bindings, pockets and more. There will also be time to learn about an array of effects you can create with different needles, threads and stitches so that you know what the art of the possible is.

It's a great follow up course to our Learn To Sew; if you have just bought a new machine;  or if you have taught yourself and wondering whether there are lots of hints and tricks you might be missing. It will give you confidence to try new things!

You'll go home with a useful handmade organiser with lots of pockets and inserts. (And maybe, time permitting, a scissor holder and needle case too!).


Dates: Autumn dates to follow

Time: 7.00pm - 9.00pm

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